Marketing Strategy and Branding

Marketing and Branding

Marketing strategy and branding are two different but closely related principles and are are key elements in helping businesses understand what needs to be done, and how. 


Your brand is more than just a logo; it's your business values, brand positioning, personality, your promise - essentially it's how customers see your business and is your most important asset. By defining your brand (your target audience, who you are and why you're different to your competitors) it becomes easier to make decisions and build your brand.  


Marketing is integral to your brand, in the way you communicate your promise to customers and potential customers. Conveying your brand positioning, personality, values etc both internally among your staff and externally is key in unlocking the power of your brand. 


How I can help

I provide a flexible marketing consultancy service offering as much or as little support as you need, to ensure that your essential marketing actions get done, and your business continues to thrive and grow.


I can help you with the strategy, planning and any branding requirements, or if you already have a strategy, I can simply help you implement some of your plans to ensure you are proactively and effectively marketing your business.


Alternatively I can provide you and your team with any training needs to get you up to speed on any areas you are unsure of, such as digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, social media, email marketing and website content. 


The great thing with digital marketing is that it is entirely measurable, so when I go through the planning stage, I also include what measurable results you can expect and your return on investment. I can implement most activity in a quick time scale that will help you raise awareness of your business and your product/service among your target audience, whilst also building more loyal (and profitable!) relationships with your existing customers.

Whatever your requirements are, large or small, I can help with your marketing needs - I'd love to hear from you.