About Me

del·ta noun ’del-tə (Δ) Mathematics A change in a variable; change of any changeable quantity.


Delta means change.


I'm Alasdair Gemmell, an experienced marketing consultant providing innovative solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Based in West Sussex, I offer a range of services designed to instigate a positive change, improve marketing productivity and ultimately maximise marketing return on investment.

It is arguably even more important now for companies to promote their products and/or services to stay ahead of their competitors, just more effectively to ensure they see a return-on-investment. With the explosion of the web and all things digital, effective marketing in this space can be difficult to keep pace with.  


Your current marketing budget may not stretch to a full-time marketing resource, or maybe you don't even have a dedicated marketing employee, but the work still needs to be done, you still need to communicate with your customers and attract new ones - this is where I can help.


My philosophy is to keep things simple and effective and to go above and beyond to please clients.

Whatever your requirements are, large or small, I can help with your marketing needs - I'd love to hear from you.